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alt turkey final
tada turkey
two turkeys
step 1 alt
step 3 fold feathers
step 4 fold and twist
turkey step with head and feet
step 2

Step 2: Open Kit 

Step 1: Find a Pine cone 

November Take & Make Craft:

Turkey Pine Cones

You’ll Need to Supply :


Find a pine cone

Pick up your Take and Make kit from the library

For Pipe cleaners

Cut each in half

Fold in to a tear drop shape

Wrap the end around

Glue and place randomly in the pine cone for feathers

For Raffia

Take a few strands and fold in to a tear drop shape

Wrap the end to tie it closed and keep shape

Glue randomly in the pine cone for feathers


For Both Pipe Cleaners and Raffia

Cut the top of your pine cone to create a flat surface

Glue your turkey head here

glue your feet to the bottom so they stick out from under your pine cone


Enjoy! Please share with us on our Facebook Page at: Olive G Pettis Memorial Library



Step 5: Glue Feet and Face.  

Step 6: Glue and Randomly place feathers in the pine cone 

Step 4: (Same idea for 

both materials) Tie at 

bottom to keep shape 

Step 3: (Same idea for both 


Bend in to 

tear drop


Step 2: Open Kit 

Step 7: Enjoy your final product & shar e with our Facebook page  

Friday 11/20/2020: 

4:30 - 5:30PM 

Virtual Juv/YA Discussion on literature we're grateful for. Come prepared to discuss a work (or two) you're grateful for. Open to all forms: books, poems, short stories, comics, manga, etc. 

Saturday 11/21/2020: 

10:00 - 10:45AM 

Facebook Live Story Time to celebrate Di-Novemeber, a dinosaur themed month long literacy initiative. We'll finish with a craft with items you can find around the house. Check our Facebook page for more information. 

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