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Emily Wilson would be the first to admit that her life has seen better days. Struggling to follow up the success of her first novel and dealing with divorce Emily needs to heal.
Staying with a beloved relative, Emily discovers the diary of a woman named Esther whose writings lead Emily on a path through a timeless love story, a painful series of misunderstandings, and a devastating secret that has vexed her family for decades.

Library Lunch

Bring your bag-lunch

2nd Tuesday monthy

from 12:30 ~ 1:30


Currently Reading:

        The Violets of March

by Sarah Jio

 discussion: April 17 




Reading Repast

Pairs of members take turns bringing

a simple supper and dessert

2nd or 3rd Thursday monthy

    from 6:00 ~ 8:00

Currently Reading:

        The Violets of March

by Sarah Jio

discussion:   April 18








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